January 18, 2013


昨日いとうあさこさんがルイサヴィアローマのお店で来ました!めっちゃ楽しかったな!笑  (^皿 ^)

January 12, 2013

Celebrity Cami

Betty shot me during FIRENZE4EVER while I was taking a shot of her boyfriend, Mathieu, and shared it on her very popular instagram account!

The Rai News and La Nazione featured me together with John Richmond.

Another photo published by La Repubblica Firenze (not a really nice face though...) 

And on google again! ...and again!


January 10, 2013

Some of my bloggers friends

Bryan and Tina, Aimee and Betty, Hilary, Aimee, Chiara, Kristina, Wendy and Tab are just a few of all the bloggers that participated to FIRENZE4EVER 6th Edition by Luisa Via Roma, some of my fashionable best friends!



January 9, 2013

Firenze4Ever - 6th edition

Finger food
Me, Chiara and Matilda
Installation by Felice Limosani
Han Huohuo, Andrea Panconesi and me
Tweeting while having my hairs done by Aveda
The spectacular dinner location of Palazzo Corsini
The wonderful table at Istituto degli Innocenti
An unexpected inframezzo
Ingrid, me, Tina, Mathieu and Betty
Me and Alex